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We hear over and over what great Tire Machines and Tire Balancers we sell.  Customers are amazed at the quality they get for a great price.







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Got a hobby shop at your house?  Need to stack two vehicles? Want to lift your Hot Rod or Classic? Check out our home and hobby car lifts.

Even though we are fairly new to the market, we are turning heads with our Spray / Paint Booths. Prepare to be impressed.   

Tire Changers Wheel Balancers

tire & wheel


Paint Booths

and accesSories


​​​​Looking for a Two Post Car Lift? Look no further! We’ve got a huge selection from our Economy Car Lift to Heavy Duty Commercial Car Lifts. 

Paint Spray Booths

Steel and freight prices are fluctuating daily. We want to deliver the best products at a great price. Please call for YOUR best price.

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