• 24VDC Battery Operation with Onboard Charging System
  • Communication Cable with Retractable Cable Reels
  • U-Shape Wiring Configuration for quick vehicle entry & exiting
  • Convenient Operation from any Column
  • Independent Mechanical Locking System
  • PLC & Optical Encoder provides continuous synchronization for Columns
  • Easily positioned with Pallet Jack type device with Poly Caster Wheels
  • Adjustable Lifting Forks for the widest range of Wheel Diameters
  • Emergency Switch per each Column, provides the highest safety assurance
  • Easy to use Master Control Panel for Individual or Paired Synchronized Operation
  • LCD Screen with Keypad offers 'easy to read' visuals for Settings Lifting Height
  • Conveniently stored out of the way when not in use to maximize work space
  • Available in Two, Four or Six Column Configurations
  • New! LED Light with Magnetic Base!!
  • New! Optional MSC ALI Certified Accessories available!!
  • Batteries Sold Separately

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  • Non-Skid Diamond Plate Runways
  • 220V 3hp Power Unit
  • DLS (Dual Lock System)
  • Adjustable Lock Heights
  • Single Point Safety Lock Release
  • Anti-Sway Blocks
  • Rails for Rolling Jacks
  • I-Beam Cross-rails


  • Rolling Jack Bridge
  • Rolling Oil Drain
  • Sliding Jack Bridge
  • Tripod Stand
  • Transmission Jack

Thanks for visiting our TRUCK LIFTS section. We manufacture our 15,000 lbs and greater capacities Four Post Lifts right here in the USA. Please call for Specifications and Details.  1.800.844.9608



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